All This Madness

Being a Human, I should keep silent and tend to shrouding my dead clan members. I should remain silent and let my countrymen shout against the injustices of cruelest form being done to me and my people. But then again, being a Pakistani Hazara, I should remember that I am a lesser Pakistani, I am a minority, I am one of the ‘Les Misérables’ and that my countrymen are dead! They are the walking talking dead who are  alive and hyperactive only when it is 14th February – Not to celebrate Love, no sir, but to condemn and renounce it. Being a Pakistani Hazara I have to keep it in mind that my countrymen are no longer my well wishers! Someone has put it beautifully:

“Remaining Quiet After A Tragedy, By God, Is No Less Than The Tragedy Itself”

A countrymen speaks up and stands up for his fellow, he does not inflict another tragedy to his already grieving fellow.

I want to write lots of things but the successive shocks and psychological pain conquers me and I reach a dead end every time I realize how fragile and vulnerable has the Pakistani Hazaras become.

I was reading Nehru today. He has written beautiful lines about DEATH which is inflicted on innocent people for no reason. In a paragraph I thought he was a man from future and was writing about the current situation of Quetta. He writes:

“But here death had no purpose, no logic, no necessity; it was the result of man’s incompetence and callousness, man-made, a slow creeping thing of horror with nothing to redeem it, life merging and fading into death, with death looking out of the shrunken eyes and withered frame while life still lingered for a while. And so it was not considered right or proper to mention it; it was not good form to talk or write of unsavory topics. To do so was to ‘dramatize’ an unfortunate situation.”

Peace !

One thought on “All This Madness

  1. And its when most of the people think that “its what Allah want, otherwise it won’t happened!” regardless of knowing which God??? the God that gave men mind and power to decide???

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