In Loving Memory Of A Cousin !

“Why the fuck should I be so careless as to park my bike over there” … This sentence was on a loop play for a week in my mind when my little brother was 4 years old. I had parked my Honda 70 cc in a wrong spot and my little brother, seeing the opportunity to have some fun, had mounted the bike. I don’t know about what exactly had caused his fall, but that resulted in him nearly loosing a tooth and partially breaking an other. He had a beautiful set of teeth !

This incident was discussed in our family gathering for quite some time and the person guilty of parking the bike in the wrong spot was criticized every single day!

That was not a small incident but NOW it is.

June 30th, this date is what my family will not forget. That is the unfortunate day when one of our dear members became the victim of a game so shadowy that neither the victims and nor the perpetrators know the rules of! Behrang Yosufi (May He Rest In Peace) might have had plans for his Monday class, but as I said the situation in Quetta knows of no rules. Men, women, children, students, laborers and … no body is excluded. Belonging to a certain faith and a certain tribe, the Hazaras are destined to face all these atrocities.

The young, vibrant and jolly member of our family will certainly be missed and will be discussed in our gatherings. But will we be able to bash and criticize the ones claiming responsibility for our pains? Will the government and LEA’s be human enough to have any sentence stuck in their minds like the one I had ?

Na … They wont !