The One Who Wants No Prisoners !

I first came to know about General Abdul Raziq when he was supposedly forced to resign from his post as Kandahar Police chief. My interest in him grew when I watched another video clip of his that had started making rounds on the internet in which he asks the soldiers under his command to refrain from taking Taliban prisoners and killing them all. Such an aggressive tone towards Taliban and that also in Taliban’s birthplace (Kandahar) : I thought about how the hell has he managed to stay alive! Interestingly, I was informed about his confrontation with death yet again via another TV show in which a Pakistani Pushtoon politician was being grilled for having met General Abdul Raziq. In that video broadcast by the Pakistani TV channel, General Raziq maintains a very stern tone towards Pakistan. He also boasts of having survived several assassination attempts in the form of suicide bombers and vows to remain a die-hard enemy of Punjab (Pakistani Taliban or Pakistani establishment) even if he has to face a hundred more assassination attempts. 

This chain of events, chronological in my case, qualified him to ascend to my list of ‘interesting individuals’. Now, to really know about the degree of interesting-ness (I don’t know even if that is a word), one needs to know more about his deeds. 

Recently I got hold of a report by Anand Gopal titled ‘Kandahar’s Mystery Executions’ which also features General Raziq. The report is pay-walled on that site, which is why I have uploaded it here so that you can read it.

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Survival of the fittest

Have you ever thought about what would it have been like if Language – the medium for social interactions and sharing ideas – had not been created? Some of you might have given it a thought but most of you may have faced this question for the very first time. Interestingly, there might even be some who are actually answering the question right now! They might be like, “Hell, all I know is that we would not have to go through the pain of reading this article had the languages not been created.” And to those impatient readers I suggest, please keep reading patiently because It is discussing an Important issue. This blog post is about SURVIVAL. My survival, Your survival !

The once peaceful city, our ‘Little Paris’, our ‘Fruit Basket’, our “Quetta” has undergone a very sudden transformation and has turned into a zombie city. What were the causes of this radical change? What facilitated this transformation? and the never ending questions like these are beyond my analyzing ability. Therefore, I will stick to the damage assessment. Because it is the first step towards achieving restoration.

The counts are different. Some say that our Hazara community has lost 800+ members in the recent waves of targeted killings and mass executions. Others state the numbers as high as 1100+ lives, lost in this genocidal attempt. These numbers are precisely the number of individuals who have been the direct victims and have LOST their lives. I mean, these are the individuals who have literally received the bullets and shrapnels to make it to the statistic charts. The count for the Injured, lots of whom are permanently disabled, crosses 3000 souls. However, the families of these victims, for whom they have left a dim future as a legacy, don’t count ! The families are not regarded as victims because if we do so, the number of the victims will skyrocket … And to everyone’s astonishment, all these killings have happened in a time period of 10 years and in a city which is literally surrounded by army bases and where the only Command and Staff College of Pakistan army is located! Pretty fucking scary, huh? Believe it or not, that’s how it is.

Well, the thing is that I personally don’t consider the loss of 1100+ people to be the scary part. Don’t get me wrong! I mean it is insane and I acknowledge the loss of loved ones to be a tragedy and I know it because my family has been the first of the victims of this dirty situation in Quetta! And no pain can be greater than the pain of mothers losing their youthful gems … All I want to say is that the greater calamity and the bigger reason to panic, for our Hazara community, apart from losing loved ones is that we have completely lost our sense of directions. We have become a living example of passengers of a ship, who in a case of a heavy storm instead of paddling away from it, are busy cutting the ship and building lifeboats out of it, everyone for himself. No one is trying to start a productive or solid plan to tackle this tricky situation which is harming us 10 times greater than just the simple yet heartbreaking loss of our community members.

We are losing more than just precious lives! And we don’t seem to acknowledge it.

While everybody is trying to save his own hide, they are unaware of what they are losing in the process. My dears, we are losing the opportunities of training our youth. We are missing the chances of shaping them into useful members for our countries. We are losing them to the panic and hysteria created by this current situation. We are losing a whole generation who are supposed to carry out the task of making lives of our fellow community members better than what we are living in today. Basically, We are losing our soul. We are losing our teen spirit. “And there is nothin like the sight of an amputated spirit. There is… no prosthetic for that.”

Therefore, it is an appeal from all my fellow focused, concerned and ‘Dil Soz’ brothers and sisters to get together on one platform and help our community train a FIT youth because it is you who are going to be the flag bearers of tomorrow. Act today to train a fit squad for your future. Because the world is becoming a very competitive place to live in. And only the fittest will have the chance of survival.

This task is not an easy one, neither is this a one man job. We will need to break our egos and come out of our imaginary cocoons of perfection and try to cooperate with each other in order to make this work. This is the only way forward and sharing ideas and conversing has been the basic factor for human being’s progress. We are the youth and we speak in the same language of high spirits let’s not let our Nation succumb to the injustices of this competitive world.

I have made ‘This Group” on Facebook where we can get together and discuss the formation of a platform.

Note: Membership will be granted after assessment of profiles! Please don’t take  it as a personal thing.

Ballet Afsaneh : Revival of the lost glories!

If you are living in Asia or you are slightly interested in Asian History, then you ought to know about the Silk Road. In case you are not, then I will have to direct you HERE so that you should know what am I going to say in the next few lines. Writing that, I will continue that, although, the glories of the once magnificent era of our region has now just been limited to the pages of history and almost all the countries connected by the Silk Road are now known all over the world with stereotypes which are always dark and grim, there still is a group which is dancing and singing and composing for the revival of our lost glories. The group is non other than Ballet Afsaneh!

Their fascinating effort exceeds the capability of words to define it. This video is just a small trailer of their much fruitful and bigger picture.

Visit them at And spread the word !

P.s. Watch the video on Youtube … Embedding has been disabled by the uploader 🙂

Nashnas At His Best

Hey Bieber fans, this Ghazaal is not for you guys. So, be a good girl and get the hell outta here! But for you dear cool guys, listen this Ghazaal and get ready to get blown away by this beautifully sung Ghazaal.

« ای کاش با تو هیچ مقابل نمیشدم »

ای بی وفا برو که شبستان خاطرم

دیگر نه جای جلوۀ ذوق وصال توست

زآندم که پی به راز نهان تو برده ام

کابوس خواب راحتم هر شب خیال توست

ای کاش با تو هیچ مقابل نمیشدم!

میخواستم ز پرتو پندار تابناک

نور چراغ خلوت اندیشه ام شوی

میخواستم چو مرغ سبکبال آرزو

تا آخرین دیار خدا همرهم روی

اکنون بخویش گریم و بر آرزوی خویش

در آسمان روشن اشعار دلکشم

دیگر نتابد اختر چشمان مست تو

گردیده چهره ات به غبار گنه نهان

خاموش گشته شمع محبت بدست تو

دیگر تو آن ستارۀ رخشنده نیستی

ای بی وفا که شهرت هنگامه خیز تو

مرهون شور عشق من و نالۀ من است

گر بر سر وفای تو شد نام و ننگ من

پاداش آن بدست تو پیمان شکستن است؟

نی نی تو قدر عشق ندانسته ای هنوز

بگذاشتم ترا به هوس های شوم تو

پنداشتم چنان که نه ئی آشنای من

شبها برو به خلوت دیوان پارسا (!)

بر هر لبی که خواست لبت بوسه ها شکن

دیگر تو آن فرشتۀ پارینه نیستی

زین بعد بر مزار تمنا کنم فغان

آینده را به ماتم بگذشته بسپرم

دامان دل به اشک غمت شستشو دهم

وز سینه داغ مهر ترا پاک بسترم

دیگر نه اعتماد به هر بی وفا کنم.

Qarrara Rasha :)

It would take quite some time before you get something to read from me (Hazheer) on this blog because these months are the most valueable months of my life – “Carrier Forming” months as my Chemistry teacher used to say. And I would be unable to write detailed posts and articles for sometime now. So, in order not to get you people bored, i would be posting these songs and things like that to keep this blog going.

Listen to this song, sung by two Pashtoon guys, Ismail And Junaid. You may like it!

P.s.  I dearly need “Qarrar” (in other sense of course) because this tension and stress regarding the admission in universities is killing me!

Afshaar and ethnicities

5 months and 5 days before I was born, “Afshaar” burnt to ashes. That day was 11th February 1993. If you are expecting this post to be an account of the sufferings of the victims of that “Tragedy”, I am sorry because it is not. Personally, I think no author will ever become able enough to register that “Tragedy” with all its sufferings and pain in the pages of history because there are limitation for everything, and the suffering of the ” Martyred City” has exceeded that limits of inscribing. This may seem a little exaggerated for some of you but when you experience a situation where a son is slaughtered in front of his mother, a child is hung to wall with a dagger, a relic is written on the wall of a ruined house with the blood of a human and … then will you understand what I meant.

It was the 18th anniversary of “Tragedy of Afshaar” and being a Hazara and belonging to the victims of Afshaar, people observed it ceremoniously, many of our great writers and intellectuals (which included Tajiks) wrote about Afshaar. They wrote about what happened and how did it happen and who were involved and how were they involved, they advised us of understanding the situation and acting sensibly so that the ” History should not repeat itself” and things like that. But I think they missed to explain some part of it. They did not explain us about the certain realities and the political condition of that time because of which we have a little biased idea about what happened.

I have read some of that articles, and the effect it had on me is that it further increased the intensity of hate I had for the people responsible for that “Tragedy”, and it also changed my idea about how merciless can a person become. Ultimately it taught me many things but the only thing it lacked (or may be i have not read all the articles)  is to tell me that “Ahmad Shah Masood” or “Sayyaf” or “Mohsini” or ” Syed Hadi” or ” Anwari” … do not represent their entire ethnic group. They were individuals, merciless and proud rascals, who had nothing in common with a human but the name.

I think it would be correct to say that “Tragedy of Afshaar” was not a treason done by Tajiks, Pashtuns and Syeds to Hazaras. Moreover it was a crime committed by some lousy, cheap and inferior dogs to humanity. The acts of those individuals cannot be a certificate for blaming their whole ethnic group. Because I am sure that be it a Tajik or a Pasthun, when they hear that a seven month pregnant women is shot in her womb, their every muscle will strain out of fear and amazement. They will never be proud of being so cruel and they will never praise such murderers. ( At least this is the bubble i am living in).

Finally, I want you people to know that “Tragedy of Afshaar” does not belong to Hazaras only. It belongs to humanity and everyone should learn from such incidents so that they should neither be the victim, nor the creator of such tragedies. As Sardar Shafee had said ” War is the biggest disloyalty to humanity”. Try to love Tajiks but not Ahmad Shah Masood, Try to love Pashtuns but not “Sayyaf”.