A Not-So-Entertaining Comeback

Hey all – But I doubt if any other single soul would be reading it, except for me and myself! Anyways, hope you all have been doing good.

So, this post is just updated to make sure you know there exists a blog named ‘Youthful Yells’ which is run by pretty much one person,although, there are 3 people assigned for administering it. I might be wrong but I (Hazheer) even think the other two Admins (Yes, I am bitching about you two guys) might just even have forgotten their Login passwords for this blog! Regretful, isn’t it?

Well, the past un-updated months matter no more because I would like to announce that since a lot has settled down for good with me, I would be updating and managing this poor thing regularly!

That’s why I would like everybody who by any chance reads this passage to break the ice (whether that is of EGO or FEAR or SHYNESS) and help us to achieve our aim by contributing with articles, ideas, suggestions and whatever they think is good enough to be published on this blog. Most important of all I would like you people to spread the word about this blog which also by the way has a Facebook page.

Your help would be much appreciated. And further amendments and changes to the blog and its management will be made soon after people start giving the initiative a bit of Importance.

Peace !

Ballet Afsaneh : Revival of the lost glories!

If you are living in Asia or you are slightly interested in Asian History, then you ought to know about the Silk Road. In case you are not, then I will have to direct you HERE so that you should know what am I going to say in the next few lines. Writing that, I will continue that, although, the glories of the once magnificent era of our region has now just been limited to the pages of history and almost all the countries connected by the Silk Road are now known all over the world with stereotypes which are always dark and grim, there still is a group which is dancing and singing and composing for the revival of our lost glories. The group is non other than Ballet Afsaneh!

Their fascinating effort exceeds the capability of words to define it. This video is just a small trailer of their much fruitful and bigger picture.

Visit them at  www.facebook.com/BalletAfsaneh And spread the word !

P.s. Watch the video on Youtube … Embedding has been disabled by the uploader 🙂

Bottle Kuli Hai !

By looking at the title and the Insert of this post and the one prior to it and many other likewise posts, you all may be wondering If this blog has turned into a music blog, right? But let me disappoint you people by telling NO and explaining that lately I have been a  little busy with some unnecessary stuff. Not mentioning my Laziness. Because of which I have not been able to update the blog. But the good news is that I have decided to start blogging more seriously. At least it is one of my many New Years resolutions. More on that later! And also, I have been thinking of publicizing the blog through Facebook and gaining the support of you guys in helping the blog keep going. As I said before, more on that later.

For the time being, STOP whatever you are doing and LISTEN to this Qawwali. If you think that the Qawwali can wait, in that case make sure you have half an hour of FREE – by free, I mean absolute nothingness – time before you start listening to it because this song is SPECIAL. And for those of you who are listening it right now, enjoy the awesome Qawwali by the Great Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.



رات ہے مہتاب ہے ساقی // سارا موسم شراب ہے ساقی

باز لمحات ایسے ہوتے ہیں // جن میں پینا ثواب ہے ساقی

بوتل کھولی  ہے رقص میں جام  شراب ہے // اے مے کشو تمہاری دعا کامیاب ہیں

وہ تو خالق ہیں، بنده پرور ہے // سری دنیا کا رب اکبر ہے

میرا سرمایے حیات نہ پوچھ // ایک ساقی ہے، ایک ساغر ہے

بوتل کھولی  ہے رقص میں جام  شراب ہے // اے مے کشو تمہاری دعا کامیاب ہیں

چشم ساقی سے طلب کر کے گلابی ڈورے // دل کے زخموں کو کہی بیٹھ کے سی لیتا ہوں

ساغر مے تو بڑی چیز ہیں، ایک نعمت ہے // اشک بھی آنکھ میں بر آے تو پی لیتا ہوں

بوتل کھولی  ہے رقص میں جام  شراب ہے // اے مے کشو تمہاری دعا کامیاب ہیں

ساقی ہے، چاندنی ہے، چمن ہے، شباب ہے  // ایسے حسیں وقت میں پینا ثواب ہے

تسکین کے سامان تو مل جاتے ہیں // کچھ صاحب ا ایمان تو مل جاتے ہیں

ساقی یہ دعا ہے تیرا اقبال بلند // مے خانے میں انسان تو مل جاتے ہیں

ہونٹوں سے لگاتا ہوں تو مسکاتی ہے // تسکین ہر انداز سے پہنچاتی ہے

مے اس لئے ہے مجھ کو حسینوں سے عزیز // آسانی سے شیشے میں اتر جاتی ہے

چراغ دل کا جلاؤ، بہوت اداس ہیں رات // خوشی کا جشن مناؤ، بہوت اداس ہے رات

اثر غموں کا نہ پڑھ جائے مے کشی پے میری // پلاؤ، اور پلاؤ،بہوت اداس ہے رات

میری نظر کو جننوں کا پیام دے ساقی // میری حیات کو لافانی شام دے ساقی

یہ روز روز کا پینا مجھے پسند نہیں // کبھی نہ ہوش میں آو وہ جام دے ساقی

ایک ذرا ہوش میں آو تو کوئی بات کرو // دل کی دھڑکن کو سمبھالوں تو کوئی بات کرو

ساقیا بات بھی کرنے کے کوئی تاب نہیں // جام ہونٹوں سے لگا لوں تو کوئی بات کرو

لہرا کے جھوم، جھوم کے لا، مسکرا کے لا // پھولوں کے رس میں، چاند کی کرنیں ملا کے لا

کہتے ہیں کے عمر رفتہ کبھی لوٹتی نہیں // جا میکدہ سے میری جوانی اٹھا کے لا

ہر غم کو دل آویز کیے دیتا ہوں // احساس کی لو تیز کیے دیتا ہوں

تو زلف کو کچھ اور پریشاں کر دے // میں جام کو لبریز کیے دیتا ہوں

ساقی ہے، چاندنی ہے، چمن ہے، شباب ہے

کیوں مے کدے میں شیخ جی بنتے ہو پارسا // نظریں بتا رہی ہیں کے نیت خراب ہے

جس سے کیا تھا پیاراسی نے دیے ہے غم // سچ پوچھئے تو دل کا لگانا عزاب ہے

پہلو میں ہیں رقیب تمہارے خدا کی شان // کانٹا بھی ہے وہی پے جہاں پے گلاب ہے

کہتے ہیں جام بھر کے وہ کیسی ادا کے ساتھ //  پی لو ہمارے ہاتھ سے پینا ثواب ہے

ساغر ہے، مے ہے، دور ہے، ابر بہار ہے // اب تو پی لو… پی لو… پی لو

اے زاہدہ تو شراب پی لے // نہ کر تو کچھ اجتناب پی لے

میں تیری مانوں نماز پڑھ لوں // تو میری مان، اب شراب پی لے

آدم پی لے، خدا کو مان پی لے // بڑی کافر گھٹا چایے ہوئی ہے

میں نے مانا جناب، پیتا ہوں // با خدا بے حساب پیتا ہوں

لوگ لوگوں کا خون پیتے ہیں // میں تو پھر بھی شراب پیتا ہوں

زندگی کا عذاب پیتا ہوں //  بن کے خانہ خراب پیتا ہوں

روز محشر حساب ہو نہ سکے // اس لئے بے حساب پیتا ہوں

لے کے ساغر میں آفتاب پئے // یہ سمجھ کر کے ہیں ثواب پئے

کفر ہے نعمتوں کا ٹکرانا // شیخ جی آییں شراب پیئیں

زاہد مجھے جنت کا طلبگار نہ کر // جو بس میں تیرے نہیں وہ اقرار نہ کر

وہ رندی و مستی نہیں تیرا مسلک // ساقی کے تبرک سے تو انکار نہ کر

چاک دل صد پارا کو سی لو، سی لو // کچھ دیر تو بے خودی میں جی لو، جی لو

کیوں حضرت زاہد ہے تعمل اتنا // ارے، مے خانے کے خیرات ہیں پی لو، پی لو

کس طرح ہوگی بخشش تمہاری؟ // جوش آے گا کیسے خدا کو؟

اس کی رحمت پے کر کے بروسہ // کفر ہے اس گناہ کا نا کرنا

پی لو ہمارے ہاتھ سے پینا ثواب ہے

روداد ہجر، چہرے پے تحریر ہے فنا

پڑھ لیجیے کھلی ہوئی دل کی کتاب ہے

!بوتل کھولی  ہے رقص میں جام  شراب ہے

Nashnas At His Best

Hey Bieber fans, this Ghazaal is not for you guys. So, be a good girl and get the hell outta here! But for you dear cool guys, listen this Ghazaal and get ready to get blown away by this beautifully sung Ghazaal.

« ای کاش با تو هیچ مقابل نمیشدم »

ای بی وفا برو که شبستان خاطرم

دیگر نه جای جلوۀ ذوق وصال توست

زآندم که پی به راز نهان تو برده ام

کابوس خواب راحتم هر شب خیال توست

ای کاش با تو هیچ مقابل نمیشدم!

میخواستم ز پرتو پندار تابناک

نور چراغ خلوت اندیشه ام شوی

میخواستم چو مرغ سبکبال آرزو

تا آخرین دیار خدا همرهم روی

اکنون بخویش گریم و بر آرزوی خویش

در آسمان روشن اشعار دلکشم

دیگر نتابد اختر چشمان مست تو

گردیده چهره ات به غبار گنه نهان

خاموش گشته شمع محبت بدست تو

دیگر تو آن ستارۀ رخشنده نیستی

ای بی وفا که شهرت هنگامه خیز تو

مرهون شور عشق من و نالۀ من است

گر بر سر وفای تو شد نام و ننگ من

پاداش آن بدست تو پیمان شکستن است؟

نی نی تو قدر عشق ندانسته ای هنوز

بگذاشتم ترا به هوس های شوم تو

پنداشتم چنان که نه ئی آشنای من

شبها برو به خلوت دیوان پارسا (!)

بر هر لبی که خواست لبت بوسه ها شکن

دیگر تو آن فرشتۀ پارینه نیستی

زین بعد بر مزار تمنا کنم فغان

آینده را به ماتم بگذشته بسپرم

دامان دل به اشک غمت شستشو دهم

وز سینه داغ مهر ترا پاک بسترم

دیگر نه اعتماد به هر بی وفا کنم.

When someone asks you to help with his assignment

So, I was asked to help with some university assignment and share my point of view about Nadeem F. Paracha’s blog published on 20th October 2011 in Dawn News website. On a serious note, If you live in Pakistan and don’t know about NFP. Leave.My.Blog.Now! … This post is the outcome of my ‘point of view’. Read and suffer.  I would be using the same Images posted on web FTW – No I don’t give a damn about copyright – but you may read my point of view under each Image .. Here we go.

“Mein they Kaawangaa Chicken De Boti , Utey Naal Khamiri Roti” … Man he has taken that too personal.

To fight Russians, US made Talibaan And Al-Qaeda but to fight Pakistan, they made this state of art biological drones aka Dengue mosquitoes … You don’t believe? See the black and white stripes they both have in common.

“The black ‘Shalwar Kameez’ is 400% halal, Junaid bayee sent me as a charity for Ghazwaa e Hind .. Laal Topi is a gipt prom Bacha Khan, when i was on my way to Ghazwa e Awghanistan via Pekhawaar … The goat of Panjshair aka Ahmed Shah Masood gifted me the waist coat which I always wear and yeah it smells bad .. And about the SMG, No! I mean yes, it’s made in Israel but the story goes like this. On his way back from Damascus in 634 Hazrat Khalid Bin Waleed took this Machine gun as ‘Maal e Ghanimaat’ from the elders of Zion and it was brought to Pakistan by Mohammed Bin Qasim and since then it has been running in the family … And since I am Arab and am meant to conquer India, the day has finally come to take the weapon out and use it against the Hindu Zionists … Allah o Akbar!” *Machine Gun- Phyree*

God should have saved some time by just fitting eyes on a woman’s face when they are not allowed to show it to others ( which i am 400% sure they are). Seriously! He could have used that extra time on the minds of those fuking extremists!

Rehman Malik, Salesman of the year! Keley Layloooooo *Showing Apples* , Saib Laylooooo *Showing Bananas! At least he Is doing some good to his country selling fruits than being interior minister.

 That’s the reason I would never ever be thinking of doing my Masters from Baluchistan University … Guess who did!

When people say “Shit Happens!”, they are right.

 Hell no! We can’t be vegetarians … We are Muslims Alhamdullilah! How can we be unjust to cattle’s? We should feed those grass to the cattle’s so that they buff up and provide enough meat for the Bakraa Eid.

Mehrnoosh The Great !

I actually had a complete Album of her somewhere in my USB drive but as I did not like Persian songs much (just till two days back), I just did not bother myself to check out what it felt like listening to her songs. Mehrnoosh is now one of my favorite singers. This post is actually edited twice just because I am getting addicted to her voice. Guys check her songs out, surely you will like it!

Not to forget mentioning … Guys please don’t let people make your heart start hating others. I am saying this because i did not like Iranians just because i heard others saying bad things about them … Don’t let yourself become like me because i don’t know how much sweetness have i just missed 🙂

Qarrara Rasha :)

It would take quite some time before you get something to read from me (Hazheer) on this blog because these months are the most valueable months of my life – “Carrier Forming” months as my Chemistry teacher used to say. And I would be unable to write detailed posts and articles for sometime now. So, in order not to get you people bored, i would be posting these songs and things like that to keep this blog going.

Listen to this song, sung by two Pashtoon guys, Ismail And Junaid. You may like it!

P.s.  I dearly need “Qarrar” (in other sense of course) because this tension and stress regarding the admission in universities is killing me!


The best thing about Coke Studio has been the way it surprises people following it and of course, the fan club of the singers performing in it. Truly speaking, I came to know about Sajjad Ali after listening to his song “Chal Rein De” which once topped the “Most Played Songs” in my cellphone playlist. But yesterday when I listened to his song “Kirkir Kirkir” I was kinda surprised to see a 180° change in singing style of the young man. And I Just Loved It! Listen To “Chal Rein Day” And “Kirkir Kirkir” , the Antonym (or whatever they call it for two opposite singing styles). Do the judgement and let me know which style did you like.

Chal Rein De:

Kirkir Kirkir:

Danaa Pa Danaa-(Akhtar Channal And Komal Rizvi)

The First Time I Heard This Song Was Something Like 8 Years Back On PTV . And Then The Singer Was Shazia Khushk. Once Again After So Many Years I Came Across This Song, Thanks To Coke Studio Which Is Doing A Remarkable Job In Reviving Pakistani Pop And Folk Music … Enjoy The Song!

My Unspoken Words …

The other day I was surfing the net (after two big fat months) to read some articles for the preparation of my G.P. paper which is going to be 2 days later i.e. May 25th. I came across this article written by Brian Whitaker. I don’t actually know this guy but he has narrated something which was words from my heart. His Article is regarding the uprising in the Arab World but his words suits the recent condition of Quetta. Here is what he said :

“No one can predict exactly when an uprising will occur. Discontent can build up gradually over a long period and then suddenly reach a tipping-point. It needs sufficient numbers of people to decide that they have finally had enough, plus some kind of event, or series of events, to trigger it off.

The trigger event can actually be something quite small. There’s a parable in the Qur’an about the great dam of Marib in Yemen which collapsed, causing a great social upheaval, after a rat dislodged a single stone. In Tunisia, it started with a minor altercation between officials and Mohamed Bouazizi, the unemployed fruit seller. In Syria, it was the arrest of some kids for painting graffiti.”

Click Here To Read The Complete Article.